Art critic abra writes: “The painter and performance artist Jørgen Sehested stands alone in the experiment at this exhibition and therefor the one with the most “contrast” in his work. He has a floor arrangement in 3 parts, a number of objects wrapped in plastic, 12 white bags also of unknown content, and a rod wrapped with the Armerican flag, which rotates like an propeller by means of an electric motor. He imagined a symbolism that the American society “rotates” despite compact critisism from the outside world. The bags refer to the human conformity - and they are really quite similar.” Nominatet for the Papyrus Award, for the poster “IWAKI MAN” made for IWAKI pumps A/S. A versatile artist He debuted in New York in 1952 and in San Francisco in 1955 and is represented by his works in the U.S., France, Sweden and Norway. He also traveled and made stays in the U.S., France, England, Russia and the East. At home he has performed a number of decorative projects and participated in group and solo exhibitions. A versatile artist and ultimate problem solver which provides new directions. Through happenings and decorations at companies he inspires employees to be creative. Art and creativity have always been a guide for renewal. Jørgen Sehested - painter, sculptor, designer, educator, teacher and lecturer Download biography as a pdf-file here NOTKA, Gl. Frederiksborgvej 3, Ny Hammersholt, 3400 Hillerød, phone +45 26 31 30 48, © NOTKA